Leon Cook Silos


Leon Cook Silos is a family run business based in Inverell northern New South Wales. This business has been operating for over 50 years within the steel industry and always has high standards in workmanship, high quality of product, high integrity plus high valuation of clientele in mind.These are the reasons why clients will always make repeated purchases from this company.


New Elevated Silos:


Leon Cook Silos supplies and delivers on farm, a vast range of elevated transportable silos to suit most types of storage, either grain, pellets or fertilisers. The silos are made of heavy all-galvanised material. This heavy material is included in both the bottom cone and sidewalls of each silo. The fertiliser silos are painted internally.The construction of the bases is made with the inclusion of a lot of struts and webbing for added strength to them.Ladder cages, sidewall view glasses to allow the perusal of the silo storage from ground level plus on ground top manhole opening lids are also included in the silo construction according to Workcover regulations. The sidewall view glasses plus the on ground opening lids helps to dis-encourage the need to climb the silo ladder.

Services include:

  • Large range of grain silos
  • Range of Superphosphate silos
  • Silo conversions on existing silos
  • Range of smaller mobile field bins
  • Lifter legs installed to heighten existing silos
  • Silo repair work
  • On ground opening lids
  • Sidewall view glasses
  • Bottom cone manholes
  • Transportation of silos
  • Stepped ladder cages
  • All O.H. & S. upgrades
  • Supply and installing aerators
  • Concrete slabs.
  • Most types of sheet metal and welding work.

Flat Bottom Silo Conversions:


Are you tired of the sweaty, back breaking shovelling of residual grain out of flat bottom silos? Or the loss of grain due to the lack of vermin and weevil control? Or the choking dust causing breathing problems?Become a wise farmer and contact Leon Cook Silos to remedy this problem.Leon Cook Silos will travel to your site and install a new elevated base beneath this silo. This former inefficient flat bottom silo will now become more efficient and effective for you! The completed work will also become an added asset to your property. Another bonus is that this type of work could be a total tax deduction to you.Your problem could be solved by contacting Leon Cook Silos.