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Bulk Grain Storage Solutions

Grain Storage Solutions

Elevated Silo Conversion – Before

Elevated Silo Conversion – After

New Grain Silo

Large Grain Silo

Large Storage Solutions

New Elevated Silos

Leon Cook Silos supplies a vast range of elevated transportable silos.  These silos are constructed using heavy gauge material and suits most types of bulk storage including:

  • grain,
  • pellets or
  • fertilisers

Added options include ladder cages and platforms, sidewall view glasses and on-ground top manhole opening lids.

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Flat Bottom Silo Conversions

Are you tired of:

  • the sweaty, back breaking shovelling of residual grain out of flat bottom silos
  • the loss of grain due to the lack of vermin and weevil control
  • the choking dust causing breathing problems

Contact Leon Cook Silos to discuss all storage conversion solutions.

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Welding and Sheet metal work

Leon Cook Silos will undertake most types of sheet metal and welding work. All work is reasonably priced and conducted by qualified staff.

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